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In the realm of invitations, chance waltzes with creativity, and beauty emerges unscripted. Born from serendipity and threaded with the essence of Super Panda Design's journey, Super Panda Invites is a tale woven in unplanned brilliance.


Our founder Payal Khemka became the artist of her own wedding. Against the backdrop of Goa's charm, she hand-painted and envisioned collaterals that mirrored her style.


Here at Super Panda Invites, each invitation is an ode to that first spark. Just as Payal poured passion into her creation, we infuse every design with a bespoke sparkle. What defines us is not just customization, but the symphony of custom illustration woven into every detail. With each stroke, we illuminate your story, making invitations not just a preamble, but an unforgettable chapter.

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